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Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Courses at the Tannery School of Music

Private lessons

If you are looking to continue through the summer with your private lessons, we will be remaining open Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-8pm throughout the summer.  Ever think about learning another instrument? Now’s a great time to take a hiatus from the usual!

Group Lessons

Choose from ONE of the following weeks:      July 23rd– 27th or August 20th-24th
Ages 8-13 9am-1pm
Ages 14-17 3pm-7pm

Music in the 21st century is no longer just about the music.

Throughout the week students will come up with their own music video to a song by their collective favorite musician.  They will learn how to take the best angles, find focal points, and create story boards. Students will gain an understanding of how much work it takes to make 3 minutes of video and take it from their imagination and bring it into reality…and of course they get to keep the final product.
(No music or video knowledge required)

Band Classes
Choose from ONE of the following weeks:
July 16th – 20th or August 6th-10th 9am-1pm or 3pm-7pm
All Ages

Join a band and jam! It’s easy to see fast improvement in music when having fun with like minded students playing different instruments to form a band.  Students choose the songs.  At the end of the week the band plays their set of songs at a local venue to an
audience of family and friends that will be recorded live to take home. (Basic/beginner to enrichment level music knowledge required)

Song Writing and Theory
Choose from ONE of the following weeks:        July 9th – 13th or August 13th-17th
9am-1pm                                                                   All Ages

Students will learn how to create their own
songs by learning music structure and dissecting their favorite songs so they can write in their preferred musical genre.  The end goal is
to write two songs; one practice and one to take home. (Basic/beginner level music knowledge required)

All group lessons are $250 even per student ($12.50 an hour)


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