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Personalized Curriculum-General:
Students who have a preferred taste in music can start learning their favourite songs while working through the required information to set them up on their path in becoming great musicians. Students will learn how to read music, use proper posture and techniques, ear training, theory, and develop techniques related to their preferred musical genre. Scales and exercises are used to strengthen their finger or voice. Everyone has a unique sound and the teachers are here to bring this forward. Learn any style such as Pop, indie, classical, jazz, blues, rock, or anything you can think of.

Individual Lessons:
Looking for something to do on your lunch break or after work? Come join our growing community of adult students and learn to play the instrument you’ve always wanted. There’s no such thing as being tone deaf or rhythmically challenged. Many people born before the 80’s were told this myth which discouraged them from learning music as a child. It’s too bad but never too late.

Royal Conservatory Examination:
Teachers can ready students to participate in the oldest music program in Canada established in 1886. This method is recommended for students interested in classical training and enjoys a highly structured environment. Levels range from beginner to advanced with an ARCT Certification (Associate of the Royal Conservatory). Students work through a grade system from 1 to 11 with exams offered off campus four times throughout the year.
Instruments offered:

• Piano/Keyboard
• Guitar

• Violin
• Cello

Lessons are once a week for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.  Private lessons are $25.25 for half an hour, and $50.00 for an hour. Families who have two students interested in taking half hour lessons each are eligible for the hour discount.

Band Classes:
This is an enrichment program designed take students to the next level. Bands play shows, record videos and learn to work together to create a “single sound.” The Curriculum is heavily devoted to timing and pitch perfection along with stage presence, image, and sound engineering. Students must have a minimum of a year of experience of private lessons before signing up. Students who are not currently members of the Tannery School of Music can apply and are welcome to continue taking lessons with their current private instructor. Lessons are $18 per hour or $21 per 1.5hrs.

If you would like to book a free meet and greet with a teacher, please call us at 519.585.1222, or email